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About Liberté! Foundation

Liberté! Foundation (Fundacja Liberté!) is a think tank and a civil society organization founded in 2007 in Poland. The main focus of our activities is publishing expert, ideological, socio-political Liberté! magazine – a quarterly magazine in print and an online magazine www.liberte.pl. Our mission is to promote civic engagement for community, an open society, liberal economic ideas, European integration, and to organize a social movement around these ideas in Poland.

The Foundation is a member of expert organizations: 4liberty.eu network, Atlas network, and European Liberal Forum (ELF). We cooperate with: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Atlas Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Stefan Batory Foundation, Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Polish National Centre for Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Polish Book Institute, City of Lodz Office.

Liberté! Foundation
102 Piotrkowska Street
90–004 Łódź, Poland

Board of the Foundation:

Błażej Lenkowski – President of the Board

Leszek Jażdżewski – Vice-President of the Board

Kamil Janiszewski – Secretary

Filip Miłoszewski – Member of the Board

Rafał Szkudlarek – Member of the Board

Projects and Activities


Liberté! is a quarterly magazine in print. Our credo is to reflect on the reality in a critical manner, remain skeptical of all ideologies, take the world around us and ourselves with caution and a bit of irony, to treat freedom of an individual as the key principle guiding the politics, focusing on both European and global perspective for Poland, to bravely promote the seemingly unpopular ideas that we believe to be important, at the same time remaining open-minded towards other points of view, to be open for a debate, exchanging reasonable arguments. Our Editorial Team consist of journalists and contributors from around Poland.


We create an online NetPaper that provides the Reader with the best selection of articles from Poland and abroad in one place.

6. Dzielnica

A small art gallery and a cultural club in the centre of Lodz. A place of civic debates, conferences, artistic events, exhibitions, and cosy concerts. Open: Tuesday-Sunday, from 17:00 to the last customer. Address: 102 Piotrkowska St., 90-004 Lodz, Poland.

Find out more: szostadzielnica.pl

4liberty.eu Network

On behalf of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Fundacja Liberte! is the coordinator of the 4liberty.eu network – a group of 15 think tanks from CEE (including members from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, and Germany). Our goals: to make the Central European perspective accessible to international audience, to be a reliable source of information on regional issues, and the voice of the region. Our authors are experts, intellectuals, and researchers from CEE. We publish high quality analyses, polemics, and articles exclusively in English, building bridges between nations to help in better understanding between experts from particular countries. The 4liberty.eu website has been designed to become a platform where experts and intellectuals representing liberal environment from Central and Eastern Europe can share their opinions and ideas. As part of our activities we publish the 4liberty.eu Review half-yearly.

Find out more: 4liberty.eu

Civic Campaigns

The team of the Foundation conducts and supports a number of campaigns dealing with social and political issues in Poland, e.g. Open Pension Funds (OFE) support campaign, “Say NO to Financing the Temple of Divine Providence Construction from Our Taxes”, “YES to Civil Partnership” or the “Secular School” campaigns.

Presence in Media and at the Key Intellectual Events in Poland

The Foundation is also actively involved in cooperation with the Economic Forum in Krynica and the European Forum for New Ideas. Members of the Foundation and people associated with our organization are often invited as speakers to numerous conferences – eg. Lodz Economic Forum. We ensure a constant presence in mass media (Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Polityka, TVN 24, Polsat News, Tok FM, TVP Info, Polskie Radio, TV Republika) as journalists or commentators.


The Foundation operates partly as a publishing house – we publish our own original books devoted to the topics that are close to our heart and follow our credo. So far, we released two books penned by Marek Migalski – Naród Urojony (2017), Budowanie narodu. Przypadek Polski w latach 2015-2017 (2018), and Znaczenie wojny. Pytając o wojnę sprawiedliwą (2018) by Magdalena M. Baran. We are also planning to launch several foreign titles onto the Polish market – currently, we are translating How Democracies Die (2018), written by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt of Harvard University (to be published in Poland in August 2018).

Main Partners

Strategic Partner

Supporting Partners

Media Patronage

Regional Partners

Dialogue Partners



Partner Events

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