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We invite you to explore the opportunities offered by our Strategic Partner – EC1 Łódź.

Space for rent

EC1 (Heat and Power Plant no. 1) is the oldest commercial power plant located in Łódź, which served its residents for almost a century. After its heyday the closed, deteriorating facilities located in the city centre were revitalised and converted to fulfil totally new functions. Currently, the power plant on Targowa Street constitutes a complex of post-industrial buildings of approximately 40,000 m2 and almost 4 ha of unique surroundings.

Nowadays, in the eastern part of the EC1 complex there are spaces available to rent in order to organise conferences, events, exhibitions, vernissages, workshops, etc. They are ideal for tenants who wish to organise an undertaking in a unique and modern venue which has retained its post-industrial character. Among the areas available for rent are:


Machne Hall in EC1 Łódź eastern building
Machne Hall in EC1 Łódź eastern building

This is the largest and most awe-inspiring space available. The facility dates back to 1907. Its unique interior features original, historic elements such as an overhead crane, the crane’s rail support, and a staircase together with a clock, borders and tiles. The Machine Hall, due to its original interiors, has become a significant, popular venue frequently used for organising various events and celebrating different occasions.


"Lake of Remembrance" in EC1 Łódź eastern building

This is a room which can become a venue for a particular event, as well as an extra element for the Machine Hall, e.g. in the form of a catering or exhibition area. Its interior is elegant and stylish. This room is often selected by tenants who wish to organise their event in a sophisticated yet unconventional manner. An additional asset of the interior, adding splendour to it, is the gigantic dome of the Planetarium, emerging from level -2. The possibility of illuminating this makes the Foyer glow and become the perfect space to organise a banquet, official dinner party or any other event.


Conference Room in EC1 Łódź eastern building
Conference Room in EC1 Łódź eastern building

When organising a conference or workshop for a smaller group of people, we offer you a unique conference room of 623 m2 with surroundings. Moveable walls, enabling the room to be divided into two or three separate modules, depending on the tenant’s needs, provide an interesting solution. One additional asset of this space is the view overlooking the historic Machine Hall, together with the oldest overhead crane in Poland, which can be seen through the glazed wall.

Moreover, within the eastern part of the complex there are numerous amenities which will facilitate event organisation. These include lifts (e.g. the freight elevators), air conditioning, wireless Internet access, car parks with about 200 spaces, as well as facilities for the disabled. For more information on the availability of rooms, prices and details of other areas to rent, please contact us via the following e-mail address: konferencje@ec1lodz.pl.

In addition, the EC1 complex boasts an accessible location in the very heart of Łódź. Furthermore, EC1 constitutes part of a larger project, the New Centre of Łódź, which is the largest investment of its kind in Central Europe. One of the main investments of the New Centre of Łódź is the construction of the innovative, multi-modal Łódź Fabryczna railway station located just several hundred metres from the EC1 complex. Soon the central area of the city will thrive, featuring numerous facilities for culture, the arts, entertainment, office buildings and restaurants.

You can download a PDF file containing technical details.

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